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Artist Talk and Demo: Erin Keane, "Light is Elastic: Encaustic Wax with Photography"

Artist Talk and Demo: July 14 Erin Keane,
Light is Elastic: Encaustic Wax with Photography

Please join us for this special occasion to hear Erin Keane tell us about encaustic wax, an ancient art material that has experienced a revival in contemporary times. When light passes through layers of wax, it creates luminous imagery with visual depth and texture. Using a combination of encaustic wax and photography, Erin explores the elasticity of light as it dances around shadow and reflection. She will show us her method of developing photography, which involves transferring the ink from her prints onto panels and saturating with encaustic wax. Erin will share her creative process and insights to how the camera lens “sees” differently than the eye.