Featured Artists

The Gallery at Flat Rock is proud to represent a dynamic group of acclaimed artists working in a variety of mediums. The artists--some relative newcomers and others well established in the regional arts community--provide the Gallery with a unique combination of artistic excellence and a wide range of creative diversity. Through research, recommendations, and travel throughout the region, we have been able to assemble one of the most comprehensive collections of fine art in Western North Carolina.

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Additional Artists 

Chuck Backer
Marilyn Bailey
Meghan Bernard
Valerie Bjork Schnaufer
Kay Bonitz
Larry Calkins
Jim Carson
Alison Chism
Jen Cogliantry
Marian Congdon
Alan Daigre
Kate Donovan Roach
Jan Durand
Melissa Engler

Kate Furman
Chad Alice Hagen
Jennifer Halli
Marsha Hammel
Veronika Hart
Gary Huntoon
Tim Jones
Nina Kawar
Erin Keane
Aron Leaman
Lori Loftus
Meredith Middleton
Monty Phillips
Paula Poad
Bobbie Polizzi

Julius Pratt
Graeme Priddle
Barry Rhodes
Molly Sharp
Keith Spencer
Chris Stanley
Becky Street
Gwyneth Susinka
Dave Taylor
Jane Voorhees
Kathleen Weir-West
Cynthia Wilson
Toby Wolter