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Pebble Jewelry Workshop - Led by Molly Sharp

Have you ever collected perfectly smooth, round pebbles from beaches, lakes and rivers and then wondered what to do with them? 

This course offers the perfect solution! Using traditional silversmithing techniques, we’ll drill these natural, unpolished pebbles then transform them into earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings.  Sterling silver will be used to fabricate each piece into their unique designs.  Discover the song of the jeweler’s saw, the hum of the drill, the intrigue of cold connections, the intricacies of soldering and go home with three or four handmade works of art to wear….truly treasures form the earth. 

Bring pebbles if you have them, but I will have a supply for you to choose form.  All other supplies and materials will be provided.  There will be a $25 materials fee.  Good eyesight, strong reading glasses, or optivisors are essential.

February 21, 10am-4pm • $125 + $25 materials fee