MARSHA HAMMEL | Oil Painting

There are fundamental elements in my work that have been there from the 
beginning. The gesture of line, the rhythm of form and color, the wholeness of 
unified surface. Life and living are my inspiration- music, dance, people, places, 
even plants and animals. Subjects that provide a mirror to ourselves and a 
narrative to describe the best attributes of humanity.
— Marsha

A native of Miami, FL, Marshal Hammel grew up in Central America and Europe returning to the states in 1961. Completing her education in North Carolina and VA, then traveling throughout the US she settled in Hendersonvillle, NC in 2000

“I am home here, finally”, she explains.  “A quiet life allows me to create a cacophony of color and form on canvas. “

A prolific artist, Marsha Hammel enjoys a wide audience for original paintings and published works in the UK, having been represented by Felix Rosenstiel’s in London since the early 90’s. During a 4 decade studio practice at least 1500 paintings have become part of private, corporate and institutional collections throughout the US and Europe.