Keith Spencer | Painting

For me, painting is an unspoken conversation with the viewer. To me that is the best kind.
— Keith

Keith’s natural drawing abilities were evident at a very early age. By the time he reached his teen years he was doing commissioned portraiture and after earning a BFA from Berry College in GA, he began a quest to explore his creativity beyond purely representational imagery.

In 1992 he accepted a position as Creative Graphic Artist for Umbro USA and moved to the upstate. He formed Keith Spencer Studio in 1996 and his clients included Reebok, Champion, Kappa, Immaculate Baking Company and Harley Davidson among many others.

He began painting full time in 2000 and now works from his studio in Tryon, North Carolina. He has become well known for his use of expressive color and energetic brushwork. Keith paints in his own powerful voice, masterfully blurring the line between realism and pure abstraction.

Keith Spencer_bio pic.jpg