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Suminagashi - Fun Paper Marbling with Japanese Sumi Ink


Suminagashi is a very fun and meditative way of marbling paper (making marble-like designs on paper) using an ancient Japanese technique and Sumi-Ink. Drop-by-drop different colors of the special Sumi-Ink are floated on the surface of a water basin.

The ink spreads over the surface of the water like oil in concentric but random forms. A piece of paper is lowered carefully into the basin picking up the floating Sumi-Ink design.

For many centuries, the Japanese have used Suminagashi to make decorative paper for their scrolls (Makimono), books and stationary. In this workshop, we will create beautiful designs on paper that can be used as stationary, envelopes or be mounted as works of art themselves.

The process is fascinating to everyone from the creative type to the engineer, and anyone can do it, so everyone can produce beautiful art in a Zen-like, stress-free environment.

About Ayako Abe-Miller

Ayako Abe-Miller is a sculptor, Japanese Sumi (ink) painter and multimedia artist.  She was born in the northern part of Japan, and has lived in Tokyo, Australia, Singapore, New York City, and currently resides in South Carolina. Her Japanese calligraphy has been published in scholarly journals in Japan and her sculptures, installations, and live performances have been accepted, exhibited and performed in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally.  More recently, she was commissioned to make a sculpture for the entrance to the Edgewood Library and had a residency to teach Japanese Art at the Inman Elementary School.


June 23, 1 - 4pm
$55 materials included

Our April 28th Suminagashi Class

Our April 28th Suminagashi Class