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Creative Scribbling with Marsha Hammel

“Creative Scribbling”

Just as musicians practice scales every day to remain limber and agile at their instrument so, too, artists should practice every day.

Dancers, singers, all the creative artists must practice- every day!

Scribbling with charcoal, crayon or graphite on newsprint or even butcher’s paper allows the artist to loosen up, to make a mess with no judgement as to how it looks and no great expense in materials. Drawing without looking at the paper reveals interesting perspectives and builds confidence. To feel the stroke of the line as it expresses gesture is an exercise in building skill regardless of the artist’s level.

We will not necessarily work up a sweat, but we will have a great workout and lots of fun!

Material List Needed

Large Newsprint Pad: at least 18x24 in.

Soft Charcoal, Graphite, Conte Crayon, or Crayola type crayon

Marsha Hammel has been a working artist for 45 years specializing in modernist portraiture and figurative painting.

June 28, 2 - 4pm

Scribbing 2.jpg