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Rapid Fire with Jennifer Halli

Jennifer started working in clay during a decade long spell of living in New Zealand. Looking to hone her wheel and woodfiring skills, she moved to Australia and apprenticed to Robert Barron, in Kardella, VIC.

Following on from chasing wombats, travels took Jennifer back to the USA where she was introduced to the American craft scene by way of The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design; here she was able to mentor the next generation of makers. When spreadsheets became too much, ceramic sculptor Peter Callas was in need of an assistant. Taking finely tuned skills from Rob and throwing them out the window at Peter’s, it was time for graduate school. 
Today, when not travelling whenever and wherever possible, Jennifer spends her time at University of Massachusetts|Dartmouth as a Distinguished Art Fellow.

She has been invited to firings and exhibitions throughout the USA, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand. 

Join us as we welcome her to the gallery for a one day studio sale.