I develop a sense of oneness with my subject that comes from being still, listening and observing. The work takes on a life of its own. It reflects my emotions, my observations and my experiences as an artist. I feel that we are losing touch with nature and maybe, through my paintings, someone might begin to see how important it is to preserve this beautiful place we inhabit.
— Cynthia

This  Washington  D.C.  native  and  former  illustrator takes  her  inspiration  from  nature.  Her  visual  themes, rendered  in  acrylic,  are  metaphors  for  life  as  she sees  it.  

A  recurring  motif  in  her  works,  leaves floating  on water  symbolize  the  process  of  living and dying, decay  and  rebirth  –  the  still  water  reflecting sky  and trees,  the  leaves  fading  as  they  submerge, eventually slipping  to  the  floor  of  the  pond,  recycling into sustenance  for  future  generations  of  living creatures.    

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