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Artists Exposed 2018!

Think of a it as a creativity blitz—and everyone’s invited. The second annual "Artists' Exposed" event will bring twenty artists out of the relative safety of their private studios to get together and demonstrate their art under one roof in a pop-up style event. “Artists' Exposed” is created to attract die-hard art fans, aspiring artists or collectors, or the simply curious.

Participating artists are: William Asman, Chuck Backer, Marilyn Bailey, Kay Bonitz, Jim Carson, Gary Cooley, Kate Furman, Chad Alice Hagen, Marsha Hammel, Carol Beth Icard, Erin Keane, Diane Kuehn, Julius Pratt, Clare Sahling, Keith Spencer, Kate Thayer, Holland Van Gores, Jane Voorhees, Kathleen Weir-West and Cynthia Wilson.

Chuck Connolly from Nosh Catering GVL will be selling boxed meals and St. Paul Tasting Room will be offering a discount on their wines by the glass and bottles with the mention of "Artists' Exposed."

See you there! 

Images from Last Year’s Artist Exposed Event