The Gallery at Flat Rock is enriched by our many good friends in the community. They are the lifeblood and inspiration for all that we do. With their support, The Gallery at Flat Rock is proud to bring to Western North Carolina many wonderful examples of the creativity and beauty in art that enriches our everyday lives.

My antidote to lackluster is to enter The Gallery at Flat Rock where light and beauty are an immediate visible and invisible remedy! The breadth of the art you’ll find represented is extraordinary and after circling Suzanne’s exquisite space a half dozen times, you will miss more than a little…all the more reason to frequent this treasure of a gallery often – for the art, for the reward, for the embrace. It’s how I self-medicate.
— Friend of The Gallery
We have always known that the new Pardee Cancer Center was going to have long lasting impact in our community, not just for our patients, but for their family, friends, and caregivers; as well as our dedicated team of providers. We wanted every aspect of the building and space to reflect our commitment and connection to our community, while also providing the right ambiance to complement and facilitate a positive healing environment.
Our criteria were that the art selected must be from a local artist or be representative of the area, complement the building design and be within the color palette of the space. Suzanne and her team met and exceeded that criteria. The impact that the art has had and will continue to have with our patients has been profound.
— Johnna Reed, Chief Administrative Officer, Pardee UNC Health Care
My relationship with The Gallery at Flat Rock is one of deep respect and appreciation. The level of professionalism is matched by the passion and sincerity that the owner and staff have for connecting clients with works that will enhance their lives.

I am delighted to be represented here, knowing that my art work is not only displayed in a beautiful environment, but a place where people come to participate in many different events and experiences.
— Carol Beth Icard
Suzanne has been instrumental in adding unique art to our mountain home. As part of her Art Advisory Service, she visits our home often bringing the artist along to study and recommend just the right piece of pottery, oil painting, or furniture. When my husband and I decided to add a life-sized black bear to our backyard we called upon Suzanne to help us locate the ideal artist.

She visited the location with the artist and we now have a female bear and two cubs as part of our outdoor family. I visit the Flat Rock Gallery regularly to attend art shows, meet new artists, attend community events, or just browse. A visit to the Gallery is always a treat for family and friends.
— Beverly Melenyzer