A theme runs through my work: nature, textures, patterns, dimension, movement and beach pebbles. I work primarily in sterling silver, designing and hand building each piece from scratch. During my travels, I’ve found thousands of tiny river rocks and beach pebbles which I incorporate into much of my work, rarely using precious stones as I find the pebbles to be more pleasing.
— Molly

Upon completing that first shiny, silver ring in a silversmithing class in England many years ago, Molly knew she had found her passion and never wanted to do anything else. Subsequent studies at the Penland School in North Carolina served as a springboard to start her own jewelry business and relocate from Florida to Zirconia, North Carolina, where she established a studio.

Molly has a knack for teaching and conducts several workshops throughout the year where she happily passes on to others the ancient technique of silversmithing.

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