It is my hope that the intention of my spiritual practice — to bring more peace, love, compassion, beauty and healing to the world — infuses my work and those who wear it. 
— Marian

I want to commemorate, honor and give reverence to important beings and accomplishments in a person’s life. 

The hard yet malleable qualities of precious metal are what draw me in. I stamp, join, form, oxidize and a unique piece emerges. My aspiration is that each piece brings meaning to the wearer: A talisman, a reminder of an existence larger than ourselves, a celebration, a message that inspires, or simply something beautiful to delight in. 

My search for materials is like a treasure hunt taking me from rusty trash dumps to flea markets to gem shows. I look for old-fashioned objects with a previous life – antique gambling chips, buttons and vintage tins. I hunt for organic specimens – rough stones, wood and fossils; as well as pieces of impeccable quality – uniquely cut, one-of–a-kind gemstones. Then I add texture with my rolling mill, stamp words and phrases and use patinas. I enjoy mixing non-traditional metals such as steel and tin with fine, precious metals.

I use shell and pearl to reflect my connection to the beaches of the Gulf Coast of Alabama, where I spent my childhood. I honor the inspiration I get from the smiths of the Southwest through the techniques I use and my attention to craftsmanship. My work is also a reflection of my former life as an art therapist, using creativity to support and encourage others.

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