WILLIAM ASMAN | Archival Ink

I don’t know what it’s going to be when I start. It can be anything. I find something that fits in the focal part – it might be something I’ve been thinking about or it might be just something that pops into my head. Then I build around it with things that relate as I follow the composition that I originally started out with.
— William

Born and raised in in New Jersey, William began exploring two-dimensional space at a young age, but continued to make art on the side while working a variety of other jobs. Since moving to Weaverville, North Carolina, and retiring, he continues to work as an artist – now full-time – creating images that he has termed “pictorial super-realism,” drawn with archival inks on acid-free illustration board, overlapping images to form a sense of three-dimensional space.

William Asman_bio photo.jpg