Molded by a blend of African and Western culture, and using oil on canvas, I strive to build aesthetic tension and engage the viewer with visual narratives of our contemporary life.

With each painting I’m challenged anew to attain not only technical virtuosity, but also interesting conceptual content. Composition is the cornerstone of my work. I spend time contemplating diagonals, movement, and light before I begin.

As a painting develops, through interplay of figurative accuracy, abstraction, whimsy and chance brushstroke, I invariably get lost in the process in a quest to find that perfect yet elusive sweet spot, the one that brings balance and meaning to the whole.
— Veronika

I was born and raised on an isolated farm without electricity or indoor plumbing in Tanzania. From early childhood years to the present, drawing and painting have been my passions. I attended Art College in Germany, immigrated to the USA and New York. 
Living in NY, I worked as a commercial artist and was a member of the Society of Illustrators. In 2007 I moved to Hendersonville, NC.

My interpretations stem from a childhood shaped by my European heritage and African lore. I explore parallels and contradictions, melding and overlapping man and beast, contemplating diagonals, movement, and light. Recent work focuses on today’s challenges while celebrating the beauty of our shared humanity. 

I have a BFA and have studied at the Art Student League of NYC under realist painter Peter Cox from 1991 -1994. I have sketched on camera for film director Neil Jordan. Over the years I have won several “Best in Show” awards plus 12 distinctions and have been featured in numerous publications.