MARCY JACKSON | Hand-drawn, Digital Painting

I like to play ...
My drawings have a playful, child-like twist. Inspiration comes from children’s books, nature, bold graphics, tribal and abstract art. I create fantastical worlds from a collage of my pencil sketches. I trace over the sketches with a Micron pen. The new ink drawings are then scanned into my iMac computer. I “mix” individual color palettes for each artwork and finish by digitally painting. I then have giclées and greeting cards printed with archival inks on high quality paper. This allows me to create a style that is uniquely my own. Each piece is a story for you to finish.
— Marcy

Originally from Philadelphia, PA. Marcy moved to Western North Carolina in 2013. Art became part of her life as a child, having a father who was a children’s book illustrator. After graduating from The University of The Arts, in Philadelphia, with a major in Illustration, she worked in the graphic design field for 37 years, the last 24 as a corporate art director.  Moving here gave Marcy the freedom to get back to her artistic roots. 

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