Come with us on a fantastic adventure as we explore the beauty of this world and allow our visions to take form through ceramics, acrylic and oil paintings, photography and mixed media. We hope to inspire, encourage, engage, and move your heart and mind through the visual and physical representations of our creative expressions. Join with us on Our Creative Adventures!
— Lonnie & Margie

Lonnie & Margie Johnson have both had a love and appreciation for art from a very young age. It wasn’t until her mid 30’s that Margie took her first art class and discovered that she possessed the talent to create the things that she had only admired others for doing. Her passion has taken her down the path of oil and acrylic painting, charcoal drawing and now pottery. Her love of pottery is contagious and her husband Lonnie has caught the bug.

Lonnie has been a professional graphic artist for the past 18 years and has cultivated a passion for learning and mastering new techniques for venting his creativity. Diving into photography, illustration, 3D modeling and animation, acrylic painting and now pottery, Lonnie loves to teach and share his knowledge. Together Margie and Lonnie have formed their new business, Our Creative Adventures, and are experimenting with collaborative ventures in pottery. They are excited about the opportunity to share their enthusiasm, love of God’s amazing creative gifts and skillful craftsmanship.

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