Bobbie Polizzi and Christopher Charles Curtis

invite you to The Parlor Room

for an informal discussion about their collection in

Ancestors and Other Strangers

Sunday, November 19th at 4pm

Ancestors and Other Strangers

The work of Bobbie Polizzi and Christopher Charles Curtis

A collaborative show with CANVAS ArtSpace

November 9 -26
Artists' reception: November 9, 5-7pm

Artists' Talk: November 19, 4pm

The title of the exhibition refers to Polizzi and Curtis’ shared interest in old, found photographs and the mystery of the unknown sitters who inhabit them. “Ancestors and Other Strangers” attempts to explore this context from different vantage points. The show will also feature one piece that Polizzi and Curtis have created together. "I feel fortunate to have met Bobbie - we both share an affinity for old photos, doll parts, and strange objects,” says Curtis. Polizzi concurs. “I’m so excited to show with Chris. His work whispers, haunts, and speaks to the message of my art, which is to create stories for those whose stories have been lost,” she says.

All works from the show are online to see/purchase: