I paint because: I like creating an oasis in the chaos. I like mystery, history and make-believe. It lets my head travel and my heart speak. I enjoy hearing how viewers discover their own stories in my introspective abstract paintings.
— Carol Beth

There is no one source for my art except perhaps the melting pot of my mind.  I don’t begin a painting with a concept.  I just begin, like I begin a day, trusting that everything will work out alright.  Trusting that somehow the passion I feel for color, mystery and metaphors will show me the unmapped route to a completed work.

It’s a matter of believing in my instincts, letting go of fear, striding into the unknown and leaning into the clues I find in my unconscious gestures and marks.  Cushions of contemplative assessment, sometimes for days or weeks, help me proceed.  The conversation I have with each work in progress is what helps me find my way through the challenges. I follow what it is trying to communicate.

Like life, right?  You wake up day after day and hope for the best, fielding the surprises, creating some messes, and treasuring what moments you can.  

What a journey it is.

Photo by Douglas Ehling Chamberlain 

Photo by Douglas Ehling Chamberlain