Bobbie Polizzi | Assemblage 

Inspiration for my work is as varied as the junk I create with. The various cultures of my international travels, as well as having grown up in Southern California, exposed to its Latin influences, and my love of mythology and fairy tales all seem to converge to transform junk and found objects into art. I love taking something that started life as one thing and transforming it.
— Bobbie

With a background in art history and graphic art, this California native started out creating artwork for the music industry. But hunting and gathering have always been at the root of her work, starting with dumpster diving and digging through the neighborhood trash at a very young age – an activity that always got her in trouble with the adults.

She is still guilty.

As her hunting grounds have evolved, she’s never quite sure where one of her “Junk and Disorderly” assemblages is going until it gets there.

Bobbie Polizzi.jpg