I love observing nature closely, whether lichen on a granite stone or a silhouette of a mountain peak in late afternoon. I try to use color to depict light and form in novel ways that convey the essence of a particular scene. Some of the paintings are based on landscapes I have viewed while others are imagined. I find water media ideal for capturing this dreamy quality.
— Beth

Beth has worked in collage and printmaking (and the occasional handmade book) for the last twenty years. She started painting in 2017 as a break from attempting to write a novel. A California native, Beth has a degree in art history from Mills College in Oakland. She worked for art dealers in San Francisco in the 1990s, but then abandoned the city for the west coast of Ireland, where she became fascinated by the numinous quality of the landscape there—the same quality that inspires her in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

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