I believe that we must become what we want to see in the world, and that as we do so, not only our experience will change but we will influence the collective as well. All my work is to help others as well as myself with that practice
— Anita

Combining the most ancient of clay techniques, pinching, with the refinement of porcelain I create clay objects that hold an energy of aliveness, compassion and possibility.

Common threads in my art throughout my life have been:

  • Expressing my connection with nature

  • Setting something in motion to see what emerges (planting seeds, putting yarn in a dye bath, holding a ball of clay)

  • Working directly with my hands with a minimum of tools

  • Love of color and the spark created by the interaction of colors

  • Being transported to the present moment by the process of creating

Each piece I create is completely individual. To form the vessel I use the pinching technique that I love for its directness and naturalistic, earthy quality. After much experimentation I found my “voice” using porcelain clay for its refinement. I find it the perfect medium for conveying my personal style and aesthetic which combines the organic and rustic with a delicacy and elegance.

Creating these pieces brings me great joy, a sense of who I am and a feeling of participating with the beauty of nature around me